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Brickyard Healthcare: Upgrading Earned Wage Access with Rain
Case Study

Brickyard Healthcare: Upgrading Earned Wage Access with Rain

Brickyard Healthcare enhances its employee experience and financial wellness through Earned Wage Access from Rain.
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Brickyard Healthcare, a prominent skilled nursing services provider with 23 locations, enhances its employee experience and financial wellness through Earned Wage Access (EWA). Having faced numerous challenges with their previous EWA provider, Payactiv, which included unreliable timekeeping data, frequent employee overdrawing, and poor customer service, the company strategically shifted to Rain to safeguard the financial well-being of its workforce.

Challenge: Overcoming Payactiv’s Limitations & Lack of Support

With 2,200+ employees, Brickyard Healthcare aimed to provide their workforce access to their earned wages; however, they faced substantial issues with their former EWA provider, Payactiv. Payactiv’s failure to supply reliable timekeeping data left Brickyard uninformed about employee work hours. This data gap resulted in frequent employee overdrawing, prompting Payactiv to impose varying withdrawal limits. Additionally, Payactiv’s consistently poor responsiveness and customer service caused additional frustrations. After a year of using Payactiv, Brickyard Healthcare was ready to switch EWA providers.

Solution: Choosing Rain for Earned Wage Access

Seeking a more effective solution, Brickyard Healthcare transitioned to Rain for its superior integration and unmatched customer care. Rain’s reliable and seamless solution addressed the company’s needs, and Rain facilitated a smooth implementation process, gaining enthusiastic adoption from the workforce. Rain also prevented Brickyard from the hassle of switching to a weekly pay cycle.

Morganne Francois, the Benefits Manager at Brickyard Healthcare, expressed her satisfaction: “This has already been a better experience than Payactiv, and we have only been live for a week.” Francois’ positive feedback highlights Rain’s swift and successful integration, affirming its enhanced user experience compared to the previous provider.

"We’ve seen the measurable value of Rain already, compared to the full year we used Payactiv."
—Morganne Francois, Benefits Manager

Results: Impressive Adoption & Increased Productivity

Brickyard Healthcare found unprecedented initial results in switching to Rain for EWA in just one month. We saw an 84.3% increase in active user adoption compared to Brickyard’s previous program, and Brickyard has also seen measurable improvements in employee engagement.

Rain’s effectiveness was notable, with a 12% increase in productivity and 30.6% of users engaging in 1+ transactions in the first month. Brickyard also saw employees working an additional day per month, a 10% increase.

Conclusion: Financial Wellness Transformed With Rain

The feedback from Brickyard Healthcare employees has been overwhelmingly positive and Rain’s EWA benefit has been pivotal in its early success. As a result, employee satisfaction has noticeably increased, contributing to a more positive workplace environment.

“We see Rain as a partner in our mission to provide holistic care. Its impact extends beyond financial well-being to overall employee satisfaction and productivity,” added Francois.

Rain’s implementation at Brickyard Healthcare has already shown significant promise in enhancing employees’ financial wellness and productivity. As the program continues to grow and evolve, Brickyard Healthcare looks forward to deepening this partnership, furthering its commitment to a culture that values both caregivers and those in their care.

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