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Cascadia Global Security: Securing Financial Wellness With Rain
Case Study

Cascadia Global Security: Securing Financial Wellness With Rain

Cascadia Global Security prioritizes the financial well-being of its 500+ employees by partnering with Rain to provide Earned Wage Access.
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Cascadia Global Security, a veteran-owned security company based in Seattle, WA, is dedicated to prioritizing the financial well-being of its 500+ employees. While searching for Earned Wage Access solutions, Cascadia collaborated with Rain based on the recommendation of its timekeeping solution provider, TrackTik. By partnering with Rain, Cascadia enables the stability of its employees’ finances and overall workforce experience.

The Challenge: Providing Financial Wellness for a Distributed Workforce

Cascadia searched for a trustworthy financial wellness solution to make its operations smoother and to eliminate time-consuming manual employee pay advances. The internal team initially considered another on-demand pay provider for EWA but had to look elsewhere because the vendor couldn't integrate with its timekeeping and payroll systems. While on the hunt for a platform that could actually serve its needs, Cascadia was presented with an EWA option that would prove to meet expectations.

Solution: Choosing Rain for Earned Wage Access

With a recommendation from its timekeeping partner TrackTik, Cascadia learned of a superior and simpler EWA solution through Rain. Rain’s platform offered a financial wellness solution for Cascadia’s employees and addressed its timekeeping and payroll integration requirements.

Kendal Bryant, Cascadia Global Security’s VP of Operations, shared that not only was Rain’s solution easy to implement, but the introduction of the benefit aided in eliminating 99.9% of its employee payroll advancements and helped to streamline time consuming processes. Bryant shared, “All we really had to do was provide guidance and some basic information and our Rain representatives took care of literally everything else.”

“The startup with Rain was one of the most hands off, efficient, simple and positive implementations of a partnership software that I've ever been through.”
- Kendal Bryant, VP of Operations, Cascadia Global Security

Results: Enthusiastic Adoption from Employees Nationwide

In the first month after implementation, Cascadia Global Security employees were found to contribute the equivalent of one additional workday per month plus a 21% boost in productivity in terms of hours worked.

With a 52%+ adoption rate, (employees actively using Rain), Cascadia Global Security recognizes the impact Rain.“I couldn’t be happier with how the implementation went, the support we received and then the effectiveness it’s had on our workforce ever since,” Bryant shared. 

Conclusion: Partnership Transforms Workforce Financial Wellness

Cascadia Global Security's partnership with Rain for Earned Wage Access has been a transformative solution in addressing the financial needs of its distributed workforce.

Rain's Earned Wage Access solution streamlined the onboarding process, achieved broad acceptance, and minimized manual tasks, proving its efficiency in improving Cascadia’s employee financial health.

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