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Hollywood Feed: Unleashing Financial Flexibility Through Rain
Case Study

Hollywood Feed: Unleashing Financial Flexibility Through Rain

Hollywood Feed partners with Rain to provide Earned Wage Access to its large retail workforce.
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Hollywood Feed selected Rain for Earned Wage Access (EWA) to enhance its competitive edge in attracting and retaining top retail, driver, and warehouse talent. 

Faced with the prospect of integrating a new benefit without burdening HR and payroll teams, Hollywood Feed was impressed by Rain's compatibility with its existing systems, Ultimate Time Management (UTM) and Paycom. 

The partnership resulted in a smooth implementation that improved employee financial wellness and satisfaction, with 70% of enrollees using Rain to access wages early and nearly $2 million in total wages withdrawn to date.

  • 70% of enrollees have used Rain to access wages early.
  • 50% of Rain users cash out at least once per month.
  • $1,956,538 total wages accessed to date.

Challenge: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

As a rapidly expanding pet supply retailer with over 170 locations across 19 states, Hollywood Feed prides itself on providing high-quality products and services efficiently and economically. Guided by principles that emphasize doing what's right by the customer, the company, and the employee, it faced a common industry challenge: attracting and retaining top talent. To maintain its high standards as the company expanded, Hollywood Feed prioritized enhancing its appeal to both current and prospective employees.

Hollywood Feed’s commitment to doing what's right by the customer means delivering exceptional service and expertise at every touchpoint. This level of service requires dedicated employees who are motivated and supported. Although Hollywood Feed offers a comprehensive benefits package, the company recognized that financial strains and cash flow issues between paychecks can impact employee well-being and productivity, ultimately leading to turnover.

“Rain does not require more work for me on the payroll side or for our accounting side.”
- Melanie Bostick, Payroll Manager, Hollywood Feed

Solution: Rain for Earned Wage Access

Hollywood Feed prioritized offering Earned Wage Access as a new benefit to provide immediate financial flexibility for its employees. The company desired a solution that met three key criteria:

  1. Simple Implementation: The solution had to require minimal operational involvement to avoid overburdening HR and payroll teams.
  2. Improve Employee Wellness: The program needed to be safe, straightforward, and provide excellent support to ensure it genuinely benefited employees.
  3. Gain Competitive Advantage: The solution had to enhance Hollywood Feed’s ability to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market.

Hollywood Feed selected Rain not only for its seamless integration with the company’s existing payroll and timekeeping systems, but also for its best-in-class support structure, secure and compliant technology, and proven ability to enhance employee well-being and company competitiveness.

Simple Setup with Minimal Effort

Hollywood Feed’s Payroll Manager, Melanie Bostick, confirmed the ease of partnering with Rain, describing the partnership as “simple” and as “easy as 1-2-3.” Bostick applauded the simplicity of adding the benefit, stating: “Honestly, I don’t have to do anything. Rain does not require more work for me on the payroll side or for our accounting side.”

Impact on HR and Payroll

  • Compatibility with Payroll and Timekeeping Systems: Rain integrated effortlessly with Hollywood Feed’s UTM and Paycom systems for a smooth launch of the EWA program. 
  • Minimal Administrative Effort: Rain’s in-house Implementation Professional Services Organization (PSO) process required minimal involvement from Hollywood Feed’s HR and payroll teams.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Data Security: Rain ensured that all data integration was secure and compliant with industry standards, requiring the least amount of data out of all US providers, collecting only 6 data fields (no SSN or DOB).

Enhancing Employee Wellness with Financial Flexibility

Rain's EWA solution allows employees to quickly access their earned wages, preventing reliance on costly financial alternatives. The user-friendly platform, deeply integrated with Hollywood Feed’s systems, ensures financial flexibility and reduces stress, giving employees peace of mind and more control.

Impact on Employees

  • Immediate Availability of Funds: Employees get instant access to their pay for urgent needs, 100% approval and no KYC needed.
  • Alternative to Predatory Fees: Employees can now avoid debt traps like late payment fees, overdrafts, high interest credit cards, and payday loans.
  • Less Stress, More Control: No hidden fees through Rain’s employer-facilitated model allows employees to feel more comfortable about managing their finances.

Strengthening Competitive Advantage in the Market

Rain elevates Hollywood Feed’s image as an innovative and employee-focused company, making it more attractive to both potential hires and current staff. The integration of Rain highlights the company’s commitment to employee well-being and strengthens its reputation. With round-the-clock support, Rain further solidifies Hollywood Feed’s dedication to exceptional employee care.

Impact on the Employer Brand

  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Rain positions Hollywood Feed as a forward-thinking employer, appealing to job seekers and current employees.
  • Enhancing Employer Reputation: Integrating EWA through Rain demonstrates Hollywood Feed’s commitment to its employees’ welfare.
  • Excellent Support: Rain offers comprehensive support, including 24/7 customer service, promptly addressing any issues via in-app chat, email, text or phone.

“The level of service we've gotten from Rain has far exceeded expectations.”
- Melanie Bostick, Payroll Manager, Hollywood Feed

Results: Seamless Deployment, Significant Impact

By choosing Rain, Hollywood Feed successfully met its criteria for an EWA solution, providing employees with financial flexibility, maintaining operational efficiency, and enhancing the company's competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

Rain's Professional Services Organization (PSO) guided Hollywood Feed through each step, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation within 45 days. The result was a seamless rollout of the EWA program, quickly enabling Hollywood Feed employees to access their earned wages through the Rain App.

Hollywood Feed’s decision to implement Rain’s EWA program was validated by the early positive results of the program:

  • 70% of enrollees have used Rain to access wages early.
  • 50% of Rain users cash out at least once per month.
  • $1,956,538 total wages accessed to date.

Melanie Bostick noted the positive reception: “Employees ask about EWA and how they can use it. Rain helps keep our retention at a higher rate because our employees know they can access their wages when needed.”

“Rain helps keep our retention at a higher rate because our employees know they can access their wages when needed.”
- Melanie Bostick, Payroll Manager, Hollywood Feed

Conclusion: Empowering Employees with Rain

Hollywood Feed’s partnership with Rain has significantly enhanced employee financial wellness and strengthened the company's competitive edge. Rain’s integration process with existing timekeeping and payroll systems ensured an easy implementation and launch, while its user-friendly platform and 24/7 support provides employees with immediate financial flexibility.

Rain’s EWA platform has empowered Hollywood Feed’s workforce, demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to its employees and solidifying its market position.

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