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Reinventing Earned Wage Access with Rain for Brumit Restaurant Group
Case Study

Reinventing Earned Wage Access with Rain for Brumit Restaurant Group

The Brumit Restaurant Group needed a solution to improve employee retention and remain competitive in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market and turned to Rain for an EWA solution.
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The Brumit Restaurant Group (BRG), a franchise of 66 Arby's locations across North and South Carolina, found itself grappling with a significant problem. They needed a solution to improve employee retention and remain competitive in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. Their journey led them to Rain, an Earned Wage Access (EWA) provider, offering a more compassionate and responsible approach to financial accessibility.

The Challenge: Retention & Payroll Management

BRG's main issue was retaining employees. While competitors offered weekly pay, BRG had to use a bi-weekly pay schedule due to their outsourced payroll provider's limitations. They initially tried an intercept model EWA provider, but it resulted in problems. Employees accumulated large negative balances, reaching up to -$3,000, hurting HR credibility and increasing administrative work. BRG considered shutting down the EWA program.

Lauren, BRG's Employee Relations Manager, shared that this unfortunate experience did not meet her expectations.

"We were essentially trying to solve one problem and ended up creating a bigger one. Our employees found themselves in financial predicaments, and our HR's credibility took a hit."

The Solution: Transition to Rain

BRG's decision to transition to Rain marked a turning point in their EWA journey. Rain's primary selling point was the fact that employees would be paid by BRG, not through a third-party. Unlike their previous intercept model EWA provider, this meant BRG could now track negative balances before they became a significant issue.

The transition to Rain was “seamless” with virtually “no lapse” between the two EWA programs.

"Rain has been a lifesaver for us. We no longer have to worry about our employees falling into a financial hole. The transition was smooth, and the workload has been manageable," said Lauren.

Rain's impact didn't stop at just the payroll processing; the company also took a proactive approach in launching an all-encompassing marketing campaign. From flyers to emails and text messages, Rain's commitment ensured that BRG's employees were well informed about their new EWA program.

Results: Boosting Retention and Employee Experience

With Rain, BRG has managed to maintain a turnover rate of 220%, significantly lower than the QSR industry's average of 280%. While it's challenging to attribute this improvement solely to the introduction of Rain, the EWA program's influence is unmistakable.

Lauren explained, "The EWA program is a major benefit that holds weight in recruitment. We've seen an uptick in our retention rates, and our employees are happier, which is priceless."

Furthermore, Rain's model, allowing only up to 50% of earned wages to be advanced as compared to the intercept model’s 75%, underscored the responsible nature of their EWA program. Lauren elaborated, "Rain's model encourages financial responsibility. This, along with the fact that it's our company making the payments, has restored trust amongst our employees."

Feedback and Future Prospects

Rain has continually improved its service, a fact recognized by BRG. Rain has demonstrated commitment to their clients by investing resources into their User Care Team, which responds promptly to queries. Lauren confirmed,

"Absolutely. We view Rain as a partner, not just a service provider. They've played an integral role in bolstering our retention rates and improving our employees' financial wellbeing."


Rain has redefined EWA for BRG. By focusing on providing a responsible financial solution, Rain has demonstrated the potential for EWA to be a positive influence on employee retention and satisfaction. BRG's experience validates Rain's approach to EWA, reinforcing the need for transparency, responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to the client's needs.

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