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TimeForge's Recommendation Leads Buche Foods to Rain
Case Study

TimeForge's Recommendation Leads Buche Foods to Rain

Following TimeForge's recommendation, Buche Foods chose Rain as their Earned Wage Access provider to alleviate challenges regarding hiring, retention and workforce financial wellness.
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Buche Foods is a leading grocer across 23 successful locations. While discussing common industry challenges (workforce financial wellness, hiring, retention and payroll processing efficiency) with their partner TimeForge, TimeForge was able to recommend Rain, an Earned Wage Access (EWA) provider, to help quickly alleviate these challenges. Join us as we explore how Buche Foods addressed these challenges with ease by partnering with Rain at the recommendation of TimeForge.

The Challenge: Team Member Financial Wellness & Retention

Buche Foods grapples with a range of common and formidable challenges in its competitive industry, with team member financial wellness being a pressing concern. Team members have voiced a strong desire for Earned Wage Access, seeking a convenient means to access their earnings before the scheduled payday. Moreover, operating in a fiercely competitive job market, the company recognizes the vital importance of attracting and retaining top talent. Addressing these challenges takes on paramount significance for Buche Foods, not only for the well-being of its workforce but also to sustain its competitive edge within the industry.

"It seems too good to be true, because it really is.”
- Jody Kotab Buche Foods, Director of Human Resources

The Solution: Choosing Rain for EWA

During their search for an EWA provider, Buche Foods encountered a variety of options that ultimately did not fit for their company as some providers fell short due to poor customer service and an inability to align with their requirements. Buche Foods decided to partner with Rain for their EWA needs due to exceptional service and ability to make the entire process seamless and straightforward. Rain’s market leading product, informative approach, and dedication to customer satisfaction made them the clear choice overall for Buche Foods’ EWA provider, cementing a partnership built on trust and reliability.

A Glowing Review: TimeForge’s Recommendation

Buche Foods' choice of Rain as their EWA provider was significantly influenced by the partnership and integration between Rain and TimeForge, an award-winning labor management system. TimeForge's collaboration with Rain attests to its reliability and efficiency, emphasizing its ease of implementation and aid in operational efficiency. The seamless integration between Rain and TimeForge provided a solution for accessing earnings on-demand, reflecting Buche Foods' commitment to workforce financial well-being. TimeForge's endorsement solidified Rain as the top EWA provider for Buche Foods, showcasing Rain's capabilities to other companies seeking innovative workforce financial solutions. Kotab shared:

"Team members often think from paycheck to paycheck. They're not always planning for an emergency, or maybe a low tire that will need to get fixed. Things like that are going to be huge. Hopefully having the available funds will help them.”

Buche Foods: EWA Goals

With Rain as their EWA provider, Buche Foods is poised to achieve several key goals. The company is deeply committed to its team members’ well-being and recognizes the vital role financial stability plays in their lives. By choosing Rain, the company envisions a future where flexibility and financial security are at the forefront. As one team member remarked, the ability to access their earnings instantly ensures they have the means to cover essential expenses like gas for their commute, preventing unforeseen obstacles from affecting their work attendance. This innovative approach to EWA allows team members to tackle unforeseen challenges without worry, ensuring they can remain reliable members of the team. Ultimately, Buche Foods' partnership with Rain reflects their dedication to fostering a thriving, satisfied, and productive workforce in the competitive market.

Feedback and Future Prospects

Buche Foods has found the onboarding process with Rain to be truly “seamless,” provided that their own company's business is in order. What Buche Foods particularly appreciates about this partnership is that it allows them to maintain a high standard of data quality and organization. With Rain's support, they can ensure that all their financial information is in optimal order, which is vital for the smooth operation of their EWA program. This collaborative effort not only streamlines their processes but also enhances their confidence in providing their team members with a reliable and hassle-free solution for accessing their earned wages, ultimately strengthening their commitment to the team’s well-being and satisfaction.

Early Results: Successful Launch

Two weeks after implementing Rain, Buche Foods has made significant progress in adopting Rain as part of its operational strategy. The utilization of Rain accounts among eligible employees is steadily increasing, demonstrating its practicality and relevance within the workforce. The platform's contribution to workforce financial flexibility and operational efficiency underscores the positive impact it has had on Buche Foods. These achievements signify a promising trajectory as the company continues to integrate Rain as a valuable resource for both its team members and overall success.

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