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Rain is an earned wage access provider that empowers employers to give financial stability and wellness to their employees with better and faster access to their earned wages.

Rain has helped employers increase employee retention by 10x and job applications by 2x.

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Improve employee engagement

With Rain, employees can access their paycheck ahead of payday and take control of their financial wellness. When employers offer earned wage access benefits, employees are less stressed, more engaged, and more productive at work.

Better yet, we make integrating this benefit with existing payroll processes easy and seamless. Want to learn how?

How Rain Works

Rain is a voluntary financial wellness benefit that is free for employers to offer employees. Think of Rain as a no-cost way to add value to employees’ lives.

Retain happier, longer-lasting, and more productive employees no matter your industry!

Helping employers retain talent and improve productivity across all industries


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Financial zen for employees, workplace zen for employers

Earned Wage Access Benefits

It can take six months or more to break even on hiring a new employee. Earned wage access can make keeping employees (and keeping them happy) easier than ever.

Reduced Employee Turnover

When employees have almost instant access to their earned wages, they are less likely to stress about getting to payday. In turn, that also means they’ll be less likely to find a new job (or even take one that doesn’t offer the amazing employee benefit.) A convenient earned wage access app like Rain can reduce your own employee turnover.

Employee Productivity

Boost employee productivity by offering the #1 requested employee benefit! An earned wage access app can help reduce financial stress and concerns, which means they will be happier, more engaged, and feel more part of the team! Let your employees relax knowing that they can access their earned wages if needed.

Employee Retention

Hiring and onboarding new employees is much more expensive than retaining good ones. Make loyalty an easy choice by offering earned wage access to your employees. Employees who have access to on-demand pay are more likely to have higher productivity and even be willing to take on more shifts. Invest in the best employee benefit around!

Increase in Job Applications

Having trouble staffing your business? Employees are getting more selective about the places they work, which means you need to stand out against the competition. By offering an earned wage access app for employees, you become even more attractive to the potential pool of candidates! According to a study by ADP, offering EWA can almost double the amount of applications you receive.

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