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Rain Secures $300 Million in Financing from Clear Haven Capital Management to Expand Innovative Financial Wellness Solutions

Rain announced today it has secured $300 million in financing from Clear Haven Capital Management for a new credit facility.
February 6, 2024

As 6-in-10 Americans Have Less than $500 in Savings, Rain Aims to Use Funding to Expand Earned Wage Access to Support More Everyday Americans

February 06, 2024 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rain, the financial wellness platform that helps companies give employees greater control over their finances, announced today it has secured $300 million in financing from Clear Haven Capital Management for a new credit facility. With this new funding, Rain now has more capital to service its growing customer base, allowing it to provide employees an easy way to access their earned wages in real-time, driving increased retention, job applications, and employee engagement.

Traditional pay cycles can often serve as a barrier to increasing savings and achieving financial well-being, and it is estimated that Americans spend over $170 billion waiting for their next paychecks. Rain’s financial wellness platform provides them convenient access to their hard-earned wages in real-time, whenever they work instead of waiting until payday. With the new round of funding, Rain will be able to scale this offering to even more employers seeking to adopt earned wage access as a benefit.

“With this $300 million in funding from Clear Haven, we'll expand our reach and further fulfill our mission to empower all Americans to live the life that they can afford to live, protected from predatory fees and lending products,” said Fred Choquette, Chief Operating Officer at Rain. “By giving employees access to their hard-earned wages when they need them the most, we’re alleviating the reliance on financial products that further push them into debt. We’re committed to further empowering Americans on their journey to true financial freedom.”

Rain’s pay-on-demand feature allows employees to get paid daily by paying a small fee with each transaction, similar to an ATM charge. This offers them greater control over their finances and helps them avoid overdraft fees and high-interest loans. Rain also adheres to the highest compliance standards and meets guidelines set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, making it one of the safest EWA providers available.

Rain is the most seamless and data-minimalistic EWA provider in the market, integrating easily with timekeeping and payroll systems and requiring the least amount of data to use. It is free to use by employers who provide it to their employees as a voluntary benefit. Additionally, Rain offers financial wellness tools for employees and allows employers to limit withdrawals to no more than 50% of an employee’s gross earnings per pay period. Combined, these factors make Rain one of the easiest ways for companies to offer EWA as a benefit to their workforce. A core tenet of EWA is helping employers increase employee retention, engagement, and productivity. In 2023, Rain’s employers saw an average of 50% improvement in retention for their employees who use the app, in addition to their employees working an average of more than 20 hours per month. Furthermore, Rain is estimated to have saved its customers’ employees over $51 million by avoiding overdraft fees and the interest associated with payday loans, thereby meeting its commitment to promoting employees’ financial wellness.

"Clear Haven is proud to commit $300 million in funding to Rain as part of its dedication to empowering both employers and employees to thrive in challenging economic circumstances and embark on a more resilient financial wellness journey,” said Mark Simmer, Managing Partner at Clear Haven Capital Management. “Rain's unwavering mission to transform the financial wellness landscape by granting employees access to their earned wages perfectly aligns with Clear Haven's vision for a more inclusive and equitable financial future. We are excited to collaborate with Rain, working together to empower employees and redefine traditional concepts of financial wellness."

Visit www.rainapp.com for more information about Rain and how its Instant Pay offering supports employers looking to retain and empower its employees by giving them seamless access to their earned wages.


About Rain

Rain is the trusted leader in employee-centric financial wellness solutions, serving middle-market and enterprise organizations nationwide. Through a comprehensive suite of offerings, including earned wage access and an array of financial wellness benefits, Rain seamlessly integrates into any organization's existing infrastructure, providing the flexibility essential for effective financial management. And, with a steadfast mission to eliminate payday loans and predatory financial products, Rain champions individual empowerment, giving employees control over their income and financial futures. Visit www.rainapp.com to learn how to elevate your workforce's financial well-being with Rain.

About Clear Haven Management

Clear Haven Capital Management provides balance sheet capital solutions for financial services companies to launch and scale financial products. Clear Haven works with a wide array of companies launching and scaling innovative financial products in consumer, mortgage, and small business finance. Clear Haven’s mission is to provide capital solutions that are both streamlined and scalable, allowing partners to spend more time focused on their core business and customers. We strive to be more than a lender but also the strategic support needed to navigate financial hurdles and accelerate growth. For more information, please visit us at www.clearhavencm.com.


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