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UniFocus + Rain To Provide Top-Tier Timekeeping and Payroll Benefits

Rain has partnered with UniFocus to offer a complete mobile solution for workers and employers alike in hospitality, restaurants, retail, and healthcare.
October 6, 2021

The average U.S. adult spends three hours and 43 minutes on their phone every day, yet there are still thousands of employers hand-writing shift schedules and using archaic HRIS systems that do not have mobile apps. Your team craves modern technology just as much as you do – and today, you shouldn’t even need a desktop to access payroll, timekeeping, and labor management systems.

That’s why we’ve partnered with UniFocus to offer a complete mobile solution for workers and employers alike in hospitality, restaurants, retail, and healthcare. Employees can manage their schedules and collect their wages early all from their cell phones, and you as the employer can see reduced turnover, increased engagement, and more job applicants.

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Technology from UniFocus

With workers being spread across geographies, mobile workforce management tools are key  to successfully managing employees across departments, locations, and time zones. Plus, secure cloud storage allows you to view real-time reporting and keep an accurate history of shift schedules, punch data, and more.

UniFocus also includes survey tools that will allow you to get a clear pulse on your employees. Are they engaged? Are there simple changes you can make to keep your employees happy and prevent turnover? These surveys might help you figure that out – and employees can answer the questions easily from their cell phones.

Easy Shift Scheduling + Instant Pay

In a June 2021 survey, 68.3% of Rain users said they are taking on more shifts and showing up on time more as a direct result of having early access to their earned wages. Wages can feel more “real” or more “earned” when you see them within hours of your shift instead of having to wait two weeks or more for payday. There’s a more direct correlation between hard work and earned wages. Combined with the UniFocus timekeeping app, workers can easily swap shifts with coworkers and take on more work all while collecting their earnings instantly.

The instant pay benefit (powered by Rain) is a powerful recruitment and retention tool for UniFocus partners. On top of taking on more shifts, 89.9% of Rain users report higher work satisfaction, 78.5% report less stress and more productivity, and 77.5% say they are more likely to refer friends to their job, all thanks to their earned wage access benefit.

The Rain app also includes additional financial wellness benefits like the ability to live chat with a financial wellness coach, access to a library of financial wellness content, a prescription drug discount card, health and wellness discounts, and access to a free auto insurance saver tool.

UniFocus + Rain Integration

We officially partnered in August 2021. “A disproportionate number of hourly hospitality and restaurant employees are unbanked and/or using predatory financial products to access their wages,” said Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus. “The financial issues that workers face when accessing wages and remaining unbanked often leave hourly employees vulnerable to predatory financial products just to make ends meet. Our partnership with Rain gives operators a competitive edge in the labor market and empowers staff by offering employees more control and flexibility over how and when they are paid, delivering an incredible, tangible, meaningful benefit to hourly employees.”

The benefits to employers are simple: more qualified job applicants, less turnover, and more employee engagement.

Thanks to our direct integration into UniFocus’ Time & Attendance systems, the process is easy and fast. If you’re already a UniFocus partner, let your account manager know you’re interested in adding the free Rain benefit to your benefits package. They’ll set you up with your dedicated Rain onboarding team, and you can be up and running in just a few short weeks. If you’re not a UniFocus partner yet, email unifocus@rain.us and we’ll help you get set up with both Rain and UniFocus.

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