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How Does It Work

Rain is the simplest way for employers to offer employees instant access to their earned wages, without impacting payroll or incurring liability.
Streamlined Implementation

Streamlined Implementation

Once you have signed a contract with Rain, you can have Earned Wage Access up and running in less than 45 days. With little lift and no change to your payroll, Rain’s makes it easy to bring this benefit to employees.
Streamlined Implementation

Easy Access To Wages

After implementation, your employees can begin using the Rain app to access their earned wages. Employees can transfer their earned wages to the debit card or bank account of their choice through the Rain app.
Streamlined Implementation

Simple Payroll

At the end of each pay period, Rain will send you an EWA Adjustment File. All you have to do is upload this file and pay Rain back by withholding the accessed wages from employee paychecks. The entire process is simple from start to finish!