Access Your Pay Today

You should be able to access your wages as soon as you earn them, on your own terms. With Rain’s Earned Wage Access app, you can. Look for your employer in the Rain app to see if you have access to your wages on your own schedule.

Don’t see your employer? Send them to today to schedule a demo.

The Solution to Overdraft Fees and High-Interest Loans

Avoid overdraft fees, late bill payments, and predatory payday loans. With Rain, you can access your earned wages whenever you need them, giving you control over your finances.

Master your financial health by withdrawing what you need, and what you worked for, before payday. When your employer partners with Rain, they are supporting your financial security.
You can have all of this without compromising your trust and privacy. Rain never asks for more information than needed. We want you to be financially secure, and that means less invasive data collection and access to your wages when you need it most.

Why Do Employees Use Rain?

Discover the financial success that employees across diverse industries have achieved with help of the Rain app.

Access Wages Easily

Improve Cash Flow

Experience Financial Freedom

Avoid Loans and Hidden Fees

Earned Wage Access Benefits for Employees

We are all too familiar with the pain of waiting for payday when you’ve already worked hard for your money. Fortunately, there’s a solution to alleviate this waiting and make life much easier.

Rain has a game-changing app that eliminates waiting for your paycheck. With Rain, you can access your pay on-demand to avoid worrying about bills and unforeseen expenses. If you’re tired of the frustration of waiting for payday, consider speaking with your employer about partnering with Rain.

How Does Rain Work?

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