Responsible Earned Wage Access Without The Lift

Rain is the easy way for employers to offer their employees control over their finances. With on-demand pay through Rain, employees can access their wages daily to help bridge the gap between paydays.

Rain is a lightweight solution that maintains full EWA Compliance and offers free ACH transfer options to employees with no-strings attached.

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Why Choose Rain?

Rain provides a safe and simple way for employers to offer Earned Wage Access, thanks to high compliance standards, a data-minimalistic model, and convenient implementation.
The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

Rain upholds the fundamental principles of trust and privacy, only collecting the limited data necessary to power the product and requiring the least amount of data in the market.
Rain primarily relies on three elements - the most lightweight in Earned Wage Access - to calculate employees’ actual earned wages and identify employees when they sign up on the Rain app.
Unique employee ID / First and Last Name
Contact information, email and phone - in order to match employees when they sign up for the app
Pay Rate information, such as frequency, pay type (e.g., hourly), and amount of rate
By never requiring any additional personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security number or date of birth, Rain deploys Earned Wage Access as the most responsible, data-minimalistic provider in the space.

Rain operates its own proprietary data ingestion system in order to offer its Earned Wage Access product to employees. Raw employment data provided to Rain by the employer are never shared to any third party.
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The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

The Highest Compliance Standards

Rain is committed to being the most responsible and compliant EWA provider by adhering to all federal and state regulations, and meeting all guidelines for EWA programs set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Rain meets rigorous compliance standards by offering Earned Wage Access as an Employer Payroll Model, always providing funds to the employee's chosen account, and providing employees with a no strings attached method to access the funds.
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The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

A Streamlined Implementation

Rain’s technology and protocol makes it extremely easy to implement Earned Wage Access. With existing integrations to most payroll and timekeeping systems in the market, ingesting minimal employee data to calculate accurate earned wages is quick and easy.

Data collection and dashboard creation is streamlined with Rain's data connectivity, payroll process, and employee experience workstreams.

Our fastest implementation SLAs in the market get you and your employees up and running in no time.
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The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

An Easy and Convenient Solution

Rain’s Earned Wage Access platform was built to be seamless for both employers and employees. The in-app employee experience is extremely easy and employee balances are updated in near real-time.

Because of Rain’s existing integrations with timekeeping and payroll systems, processing employee payroll adjustments is easy to do. Rain’s commitment to compliance means employers will never have to worry about direct deposit accounts that would slow payroll down.
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The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

A Commitment to Financial Wellness

A dedication to financial wellness for employees is central to Rain’s product, decision making, and strategy.

Rain offers up to 50% of earned wages, ensuring that employees aren’t put in a situation where they receive zero paycheck.

Employees have access to a suite of financial wellness tips, and are always given the option to access their earned wages with a free ACH option.

The Rain platform provides employers with a responsible solution that prioritizes their employees’ financial wellness.
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The Most Data-Minimalistic Model In The Market

A Simple Way to Increase Workforce Retention

Allowing employees to access their earned wages makes them feel in control, valued, and capable of handling their financial situations.

When employees are less stressed, they are happier at work, miss fewer shifts, turnover less frequently, and have an increased interest in picking up additional shifts.
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How does Rain Work?

Rain conducts Earned Wage Access via an Employer Payroll Model, meaning Rain partners directly with employers to offer their employees access to earned wages.
By integrating with employers' payroll and timekeeping providers, Rain captures the hours worked and wages earned for employees in real time.
When employees download the Rain app to access a portion of their gross earned wages, they can access them instantly for a small fee or wait a few banking days for a free ACH transfer.
After the pay period ends, an Adjustment File is delivered to the employer to process. This file allows the employer to pay Rain back via a simple and direct process.
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What is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a financial wellness benefit that provides employees access to their earned wages ahead of their traditional payday.

EWA, also referred to as “early wage access,” “on-demand pay,” or “pay on demand” aims to reduce the dangers of predatory payday loans that often result in a continuous cycle of debt.
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Earned Wage Access
Earned Wage Access
Earned Wage Access
On-demand pay allows employees to access their earned wages without incurring debt, hidden fees, or interest associated with accessing them early.

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