Simplifying Rain’s Earned Wage Access

On-demand pay is rapidly revolutionizing industries across the board, from retail to hospitality, by empowering employees with early access to earned wages. This innovative solution is gaining popularity and driving meaningful change for your employers everywhere.
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Rain offers a simple, responsible, and compliant solution to bring Earned Wage Access to organizations looking to boost retention, job applicants, and productivity. 
Simplifying Rain’s Earned Wage Access
Simplifying Rain’s Earned Wage Access
Simplifying Rain’s Earned Wage Access
End Rigid Pay Cycles
End Rigid Pay Cycles
End Rigid Pay Cycles

End Rigid Pay Cycles

On-demand pay allows your employees to access their earned wages as soon as they clock out of work, empowering them to manage their finances better and break free from a rigid paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Implementing on-demand pay offers a much-needed financial health benefit to employees while fostering a culture of financial wellness and security in the workplace. By providing this innovative solution, you can boost employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.
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How Does It Work

Rain is the simplest way for employers to offer employees instant access to their earned wages, without impacting payroll or incurring liability.

Streamlined Implementation

Once you have signed a contract with Rain, you can have Earned Wage Access up and running in less than 45 days. With little lift and no change to your payroll, Rain’s makes it easy to bring this benefit to employees.

Easy Access To Wages

After implementation, your employees can begin using the Rain app to access their earned wages. Employees can transfer their earned wages to the debit card or bank account of their choice through the Rain app.

Simple Payroll

At the end of each pay period, Rain will send you an EWA Adjustment File. All you have to do is upload this file and pay Rain back by withholding the accessed wages from employee paychecks. The entire process is simple from start to finish!

Rain's Approach to Paydays

Rain’s Earned Wage Access solution simplifies the way employees receive their wages, without complicating payroll for employers. 

Using The Rain App

With just three easy steps, your employees will be able to use Rain to access their earned wages. With a proven process designed to ensure a seamless experience, your employees will be empowered with the financial freedom they deserve:

Download The Rain App

Employees can download the Rain Instant Pay mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Then, they'll be able to connect and sign up to begin accessing their wages.

Account Connection

Employees will connect and verify their bank accounts through the Rain app. Rain’s commitment to security is vital in ensuring employee data is protected through the entire process.
Account Connection
Work, Earn, Repeat

Work, Earn, Repeat

As your employees work shifts, their in-app available funds will reflect their earned wages. Employees can simply make a transfer and instantly access their funds whenever they need.

Experience The Benefits Of Earned Wage Access

Rain is committed to empowering other businesses to experience the benefits of Earned Wage Access and drive positive change throughout their industry. See for yourself how Rain can enhance your workplace:

Enhance Company Culture

Investing in employee financial wellness can help cultivate a positive workplace culture.

Prioritize Financial Security

Rain provides robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure secure payments.

Become an Employer of Choice

Rain gives you an advantage as an innovative employer.
Experience The Benefits Of Earned Wage Access

Boost Productivity

Instant access to earnings gives employees the boost they need to excel in the workplace.

Improve Employee Retention

Rain has saved employers $1M+ in turnover costs.

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