Earned Wage Access Made Simple

Rain is the easy way for employers to offer employees control over their finances with instant access to their earned wages.

Employers that choose Rain see an increase in retention, job applications, and employee engagement.

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Earned Wage Access Made Responsible

Earned Wage Access doesn’t have to be complicated. Rain is easy to use and collects limited data, offering a safe and efficient way to deliver earned wages.

Better yet, integrating with existing payroll and timekeeping processes is seamless, so employers can be up and running in no time. Want to learn how?

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Earned Wage Access Made Convenient

The Visa® Rain Card provides an enhanced cash out experience as an additional instant transfer destination with lower fees.

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How Rain Works

Rain is a voluntary financial wellness benefit that is free for employers to offer employees. Think of Rain as a no-cost way to add value to employees’ lives.

Financial Wellness Controls

Rain works with employers to customize Earned Wage Access for their employees, offering best practices and in-app controls.

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Limited Data Collection

Rain adheres to the fundamental principles of trust and privacy by collecting the least amount of data in the market.

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Free Option for Employees

Rain promotes employee financial wellness by offering easy access to earned wages through a free transfer option.

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See a Tangible Increase in Job Applicants, Retention, and Company Savings.

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With healthcare workers in high demand, Rain bridges the gap between paydays and gives them more financial control.

Restaurant & QSR

With Earned Wage Access through Rain, it’s easy to increase productivity, increase retention, and see fewer missed shifts.


For fast-paced, customer-facing retailers, Rain can boost employee productivity while decreasing turnover and absenteeism.


Offering Rain as a benefit is the difference between financial wellness and financial instability for manufacturing workers.


Rain makes it easy to increase hospitality employee productivity and motivation through Earned Wage Access.

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Why Employers Love Rain

It can take six months or more to break even on hiring a new employee. Earned Wage Access can make keeping employees (and keeping them happy) easier than ever.

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Reduce Employee

Offering Earned Wage Access through Rain can reduce employee turnover. When employees have instant access to their earned wages, they are less likely to stress about getting to payday and happier in their current role.

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Maximize Employee Productivity

Using Rain can help reduce employees’ financial stress. Boost productivity by giving them peace of mind, leading to a happier, more engaged workforce.

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Increase Employee

Make loyalty an easy choice by offering Rain to your employees. Employees who have access to on-demand pay are more likely to stay with their employer longer.

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Receive More Job Applications

Having trouble with staffing? By offering Earned Wage Access to employees, you can gain a competitive advantage in the hiring market.

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Retain happier, longer-lasting, and more productive employees no matter your industry!

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