Access your salary whenever you need it

No need to wait until payday or to ask your employer. Download the app and receive cash advances instantly.

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How Rain App works

Access your salary before payday in just three easy steps:

Our mission is to improve your financial wellness

We work to give people control over their finances. If you are an employee or freelancer and receive your regular income in a bank account, download the app and join us!
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Why Employers love Rain

We take a holistic approach to improve financial wellness
and increase employee satisfaction.

Decreased Turnover

Employees who use Rain are 10 times less likely to quit


No more predatory loans

Avoid abusive loans that catch employees in a debt spiral


Improved Job Performance

Employees with less financial stress are more focused at work

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How your data and privacy are protected

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Your information stays always safe and secure. Your data is encrypted and transmitted using the same security protocol used by the mayor banks. We will never sell your personal information to third parties.

How to qualify for salary advances

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By using the app, you need to provide your personal information and link the bank account where you receive your salary or regular income. We securely verify the data in seconds and show the available cash to transfer.

How Rain makes money

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We ask for a small monthly subscription fee to cover our operating costs. You will not pay interest or other hidden charges, our service is 100% transparent.