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Financial wellness for employees should be a top consideration in your business strategy. By empowering your employees with financial autonomy, your company can reap numerous benefits.
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The Reality Of Financial Stress

Financial stress is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue that affects the lives of your employees.
57% of employees say finances are the top cause of stress in their lives.
56% experience sleep disturbances due to financial stress, while 55% say it takes a toll on their mental health.
56% spend 3+ hours at work dealing with or thinking about personal finance issues.
It's crucial to acknowledge these challenges; not only do they impact your employees’ well-being but also your business’s bottom line.
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Financial Stress And Productivity

Financial Stress And Productivity

Poor financial wellness for employees can have a significant impact on their cognitive capacity to concentrate and focus on their work, leading to reduced productivity, decreased engagement, missed deadlines, and increased absenteeism (cue personal and mental health days).
Financial stress can also contribute to higher turnover rates and the added costs of recruiting and training new employees.
What Can You Do

Financial Wellness For Every Employee

Employers are offering Rain as a financial health benefit that businesses can offer to their employees, comparable to the PTO and 401k perks:
  • On-demand pay enables your workers to perform better at work without unnecessary financial stressors consuming their minds.
  • Rain makes you an advocate for employees’ financial autonomy, creating a culture that values their employer.
  • Happier employees translate to improved employee engagement and loyalty and reduced turnover rates.
  • Financial wellness for employees can also improve your company's reputation and attract top talent.
How Rain Works
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Payroll Made Simple:
What Makes Rain Stand Out?

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Rain provides a 100% free option for ACH transfers to an employee’s preferred bank account. 
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Rain is committed to being a responsible and compliant EWA provider, adhering to all federal and state regulations, while meeting all guidelines for EWA programs set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  
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Rain’s integration with payroll and timekeeping systems eliminates the need for manual work and guarantees accurate, on-time payments every time.
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