Empower Your Non-Profit Team With Earned Wage Access

Discover a new paradigm of financial well-being for your non-profit organization and dedicated staff. With Rain, our Earned Wage Access solution ensures timely access to earned wages, fostering financial stability and enhancing the impact of your noble mission.
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Reinventing Earned Wage Access with Rain for Brumit Restaurant Group

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Why Non-Profit Workers Love Rain

Explore how other non-profit organizations have benefited from Rain Instant Pay. Read success stories and testimonials that showcase the positive impact on both employees and the mission of these organizations.
"My experience has been phenomenal. The customer service and system, in general, are literally lifesaving innovations."
Katrele B.,
Goodwill Employee
"This app is a huge help especially when you're in between paychecks and need like gas or maybe food or even just for a bill."
Kristopher A.,
Consumer Service Employee
"My experience has been amazing ... [Rain] is constantly financially educating me in regard to my finances."
Jacob R.,
Food and Beverage Employee


How does Rain work?

How does Rain get paid back? What does the process look like?

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