Happy QSR employees lead to happy customers. Invest in both.

Rain provides employers a benefit that can be offered to employees to access their earned wages. This benefit has already been rolled out to hundreds of companies located world-wide. Our mission is to regrow individual freedom by giving people control over their income and finances. We are killing predatory financial products like payday loans and overdraft fees.
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QSR employees
QSR employees

Attract Top QSR Talent

Staffing troubles? Offering Rain to employees gives you a competitive advantage in the hiring market.
Gain a competitive industry advantage by showcasing your commitment to employee financial wellness.
Implementing Rain can increase applications by 2x.
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Attract Top QSR Talent

Employee Commitment

Employees that feel respected by their employer are more likely to stay with the company. 
Employees can spend less time worrying about their finances, and more time engaged in the workplace with EWA.
19% pts. increase in retention rate after 6 months, on average in the QSR industry.
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Employee Commitment

Drive Productivity, Drive Savings

Rain users work 22 days longer tenure on average after 6 months.
Drive savings by spending less time and resources replacing employees.
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Drive Productivity, Drive Savings

Keep Talent Thriving

Rain users work more hours, work more often, and stay employed longer than their non-user coworkers.
Rain users work 17 more hours per month on average.
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Keep Talent Thriving
qsr industry employee
Restaurant industry employees
Restaurant industry
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QSR Case Study

The Brumit Restaurant Group needed a solution to improve employee retention and remain competitive in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market and turned to Rain for an EWA solution.

Read the following case study to learn more about BRG’s success with Rain.
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Easy Implementation And Integration

Rain is already integrated with most major payroll and timekeeping systems, making implementation seamless. The best part? There’s little to no lift for you as the employer.
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Why the QSR Industry Loves Rain

We’re eager to showcase the benefits of Rain, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our satisfied QSR customers:
“Use (Rain), don’t hesitate. If you need it, it’s your money. Whether it’s for gas, groceries, especially with the economy. Use it if you can.”
James Willson
Wendy’s Crew Member
“It seems too good to be true, because it really is.”
Jody Kotab
Buche Foods, Director of Human Resources
“We view Rain as a partner, not just a service provider. They've played an integral role in bolstering our retention rates and improving our employees' financial wellbeing."
Lauren Austin
Brumit Restaurant Group, Employee Relations Manager