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Earned Wage Access for retail workers can help alleviate financial stress and make your employees feel more valued and appreciated.
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A Retail Turnover Solution

On-demand pay offers greater flexibility and control by allowing employees to access their earned wages before payday.
Rain can reduce your employees' stress, increase job satisfaction, and improve overall financial stability.
This can lead to increased employee productivity and reduced turnover rates at your company.
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Talent Acquisition At Your Fingertips

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain talented employees. Employee benefits packages can be a significant incentive.
Earned wage access for retail workers can enhance your company's appeal to prospective employees.
60% of employees say they would work harder if they were offered enhanced benefits. 1
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A Modern Retention Solution 

The retail industry is notably affected by high employee turnover. Frequent resignations can disrupt a team and require resources to hire new team members.

By offering Earned Wage Access for retail workers, you can express your appreciation in a tangible way. This proactive approach fosters a positive work environment and contributes to employee loyalty and retention.
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Unlock Employee Satisfaction 

Job satisfaction is a vital part of a successful retail workplace; recognizing employee contributions and providing support can go a long way.

Offering Rain to employees demonstrates an investment in their financial well-being. Empowering your employees with financial freedom allows them to take care of emergency expenses and encourages smarter financial decisions.
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Let it Rain: Additional Perks

Rain delivers even more benefits to retail executives beyond employee retention and job satisfaction. Rain is 100% free for employers and simple to set up, your employees' sensitive data is protected, and Rain follows all the financial guidelines when it comes to facilitating payments.
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Statistical Spotlight

Rain is committed to harnessing research for uncovering valuable insights across various industries. The statistics speak for themselves:
of employees earning under $50,000 find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. 13
of US employees are financially stressed, negatively impacting their mental and physical health and workplace productivity. 11
66% of workers at companies without on-demand pay benefits expressed interest in it. 15

Easy Integration With Rain

Rain is already integrated with most major payroll and timekeeping systems, making implementation seamless.

To get started, Rain just needs a few basic employee data points, including name, email, wage rate, and wage type.
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Why Retail Workers Love Rain 

Hear it from the employees themselves:
"I love that it is so easy to use and set up!"
Alliey G.,
Verified Retail Employee
"[Rain's] convenient and easy and definitely is perfect when a bill comes in or car repairs are needed ..."
Angela B.,
Verified Retail Employee
"This software is so simple for ANYONE to use. It is [straightforward] and to the point and offers a way to make everyday life easier."
Chastity H.,
Verified Retail Employee

Frequently Asked, Expertly Answered

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How can Rain help me manage and schedule such a diverse workforce?

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Can on-demand pay address customer complaints and conflicts?

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How will Rain help me stay competitive in retail's rapidly changing landscape?