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Improve Employee Engagement with Beekeeper + Rain

With the Beekeeper and Rain integration, your employees will have a much easier time accessing the tools available to them.
September 14, 2020

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Beekeeper.

One of the biggest benefits of implementing the Rain Instant Pay financial wellness tool for your team is improving employee engagement. Traditional employee benefits like health insurance, 401ks, and paid time off are usually pushed aside until they are needed. Meanwhile, benefits like Rain stay at the forefront of your employee’s minds, and remind them that their employer cares.

When we stumbled upon Beekeeper, we immediately recognized a shared interest. Beekeeper’s mobile platform is the single point of contact for frontline workers. With their secure mobile platform, they bring communications and tools together to increase business agility, productivity, and safety on the front line.

Notably during the era of COVID-19, Beekeeper is popular in the healthcare industry and is a great tool for frontline workers who need easy access to their teams. Taylor Constantine, our partnership’s lead here at Rain, sums it up, “Rain is thrilled to partner with Beekeeper, aligning our missions of betterment for frontline workers. Combining our technology offerings to drive communication aimed at helping employees avoid undue financial burden is something our organization is excited to embrace.”

Like Rain, implementing Beekeeper for your team can result in increased productivity, higher employee engagement, and even less turnover and absenteeism.

About the Beekeeper + Rain Integration

With the Beekeeper and Rain integration, your employees will have a much easier time accessing the tools available to them. If you’ve signed up for both systems, your employees will be able to click a button from within their Beekeeper app to access their Rain account. By integrating the two systems, you can remove password and login pain for a seamless, integrated mobile experience.

John Keating, Head of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, says, “Beekeeper is excited to partner with Rain Instant Pay. As a leading platform for connecting frontline organizations, we know how important it is for employers to set themselves apart by providing valuable benefits to their frontline workforce. Through this partnership, we can offer our customers more options to retain and support workers with easy access to earned wages.”

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