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Rain + Mosaic Consulting Group are Making Payroll and HR Teams Stronger

We’re announce our partnership with Mosaic Consulting Group, the largest consulting firm focused exclusively on the HRIS platform.
August 10, 2020

Rain is passionate about giving people more control over their paychecks, putting an end to predatory financial products like payday loans, and encouraging businesses to promote financial wellness for their employees. Changing the standard for those three things is a huge undertaking, which is why we look for awesome partners to join our fight.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Mosaic Consulting Group, the largest consulting firm focused exclusively on the HRIS platform, UltiPro.

“Our success at Rain Instant Pay has been predicated on our ability to provide an easy to implement, easy to manage pay-on-demand solution for our Enterprise employer partners,” said Jen Terrell, Co-Founder and VP of Employer Partnerships at Rain. “It made perfect sense for us to focus on finding a strategic partner who was best in class in optimization and support.  Mosaic Consulting Group’s track record, their flexibility, and their relentless focus on the enterprise client’s experience made them a perfect partner for Rain.”

Who is Mosaic Consulting Group?

Mosaic Consulting Group is dedicated to helping their clients manage their biggest and most important asset, their teams – and use UltiPro to its fullest capacity. They follow four core principles that resonate with us at Rain: “do the right thing,” “own it,” “wow,” and “teamwork.”

When asked about our partnership, Vicki Hill, the CEO and Founder of Mosaic Consulting Group, said, “We partner with companies who complement our service offerings, add value for our clients and above all, share our ‘client first’ mentality. When we heard about Rain and how easy it is for clients to offer this service to their team, we knew they would be a great fit and partner for Mosaic.”

How Does Rain Work with Mosaic?

Mosaic’s focus is to “take project management, planning, and tactical execution off your plate so that you can concentrate on running your business,” which lines up well with our goals here at Rain. One of our goals with our pay on demand technology is to make it as easy as possible for payroll and HR teams to implement. In fact, Rain can actually save time for many payroll teams who are used to manually issuing pay cards, pay advances, and paper checks for the unbanked.

Rain works by providing Earned Wage Access to an employers workforce. While Rain can connect to virtually any payroll and timekeeping system, it is easiest when there is a direct partnership. That’s why the Rain and Mosaic partnership is likely to bring very easy access for Mosaic clients.

Employers who sign up for Rain often see reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, and more overall employee engagement. Employees are much more likely to show up to work excited when they know they can cash out at the end of the day. That instant gratification can mean the difference between showing up to work or calling off for the day. Plus, for some people, it’s the difference between whether or not they can afford to put a decent meal on their table that night.

With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, having an on-demand pay and financial wellness benefit can be huge for your workforce. Plus, while financial wellness benefits are rising in popularity, they aren’t commonplace yet – so you can stand above your competitors in the job market by offering it now.

If you’re a Mosaic client interested in adding Rain to your benefits portfolio, click here! We can get you set up in about a week – and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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