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Attracting top talent requires an innovative edge. By demonstrating a commitment to financial wellness through Rain’s Earned Wage Access, you can stand out as a forward thinking employer in a highly competitive market. 
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Find the Best Candidates
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Be A Leader In Your Industry

Establish yourself as a leader in the employment sector by offering Earned Wage Access, a benefit growing among modern workers.
Set your company apart by attracting dedicated employees that value financial flexibility.
Boost employee morale and productivity by reinforcing your reputation as an employer that supports employees’ financial needs. 
Why Employee Wellness Matters
Boost Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line

Maximize your business profits with an influx of job applications through the implementation of Earned Wage Access.
Attract a larger pool of potential employees, eager to work for an employer that values financial flexibility and worker welfare.
Increase job applications to create a wider talent pool that boosts employee quality, productivity, and your bottom line.
Employers that partner with Rain report 2x more job applications.
How It Works

Gain A Competitive Edge With Responsible Earned Wage Access

Attracting qualified workers is more important than ever in today’s job market. With rapid changes in technology and market demands, businesses must adapt and improve job applications. 
The recruitment landscape and competition for talent are growing fiercer by the day as businesses aim for a competitive edge through innovative employee benefits. Earned Wage Access is revolutionizing the payroll industry, and it's gaining momentum.
By partnering with Rain to offer easy Earned Wage Access, you can provide your company with the competitive edge it needs to attract the best in the field.
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Enhance Hiring With Earned Wage Access

Rain’s Earned Wage Access offers an all-in-one solution to hiring and boosting job applications. With an easy-to-use platform and streamlined implementation, Rain provides a multitude of benefits that can help you implement each of these recruitment strategies.
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Rain is a financial health benefit.

Just like you promote PTO and 401(k) benefits on job postings, Earned Wage Access should also be included. Financial autonomy equates to financial well-being, and the Rain app equips employees with financial tools to help them make sound money decisions.
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Rain savings enable employee development.

Turnover is expensive. Employers that partner with Rain have already saved $1M+ and seen an overall 40% turnover reduction.  Leveraging these savings will give you the means to invest in valuable employee training programs and foster professional development opportunities.
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Rain fosters job satisfaction and referrals.

Offering on-demand pay can boost workplace culture at your company and fuel the likelihood of your workers referring others.
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Rain offers business insights and analytics.

Employers that offer Rain have access to robust data analytics that can identify workforce trends. This information is invaluable in understanding employees' needs and adjusting HR strategies to improve satisfaction and retention.
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Empowering your employees with financial freedom is a strategic move that can drastically boost your company's application rates and profitability.

An Evidence-Backed Approach

An overwhelming 59% of millennials would lean toward a job offer that includes Earned Wage Access, underscoring its importance in their professional decision-making. An even more striking finding is that 76% across all age groups say it's important for their employer to offer on-demand pay.
It doesn't end with recruitment. Findings suggest that Rain is a powerful tool to improve job applications. A staggering 96% of employers who offer on-demand pay solutions report that it has been instrumental in attracting job applications and high-quality talent.
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Frequently Asked, Expertly Answered

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How does Earned Wage Access impact job applications? 

Earned Wage Access, EWA, can be a huge differentiating factor for recruitment. Offering a sought after benefit like EWA shows potential employees you care about their well-being and provides a way for new employees to get paid their first week.
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Which industries see the highest recruitment rates once they implement Earned Wage Access?

Rain’s Earned Wage Access solution is beneficial across a variety of industries, but we see a lot of traction in industries with high turnover or hourly roles.