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Rain makes it easy to responsibly offer payroll advances to employees. With no risks involved, employers can offer seamless payday experience that keeps employees motivated and business flourishing.
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Empower Your Workforce
keeps employees motivated
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Stay Ahead of the Game

Rain is a game-changing benefit that lets you offer advance payments to your employees without the cost. It's 100% free for employers, and Rain takes extra precaution to ensure your utmost protection:
Rain strictly adheres to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's guidelines.
Rain utilizes an employer-facilitated deduction process to retrieve advanced funds.
All of your sensitive information and data are protected and secure.
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An Easy-to-Set-Up System

  1. Rain only collects the limited information needed to power the benefit. By collecting employee first name, last name, email address, phone number, and wage information, the Rain app can calculate their earnings to offer early access to earned wages.
  2. Rain’s technology seamlessly syncs and integrates payroll and timekeeping systems, eliminating employer hassle.
  3. Employees download the Rain mobile app and gain instant access to their well-deserved earnings after a shift.

It's that simple.

How The Rain App Works

Ease Employee Anxiety 

In a world where every dollar counts, it's only natural for employees to have genuine concerns about accessing their hard-earned money. The relentless ticking of the clock becomes a constant reminder of impending bills, credit card debt, unforeseen expenses, and dreams waiting to be realized.

Urgent needs and unexpected emergencies don’t always fit into a traditional pay cycle.

Rain gives employees access to their earned wages at no risk to employers, bridging the gap between paydays. 
Why Employee Wellness Matters
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From Stress to Success

Employers who have partnered with Rain have witnessed an astounding ten-fold increase in employee retention rates, coupled with an impressive two-fold surge in job applications. 
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Reduced Turnover

By providing payroll advances to employees, financial strains are alleviated and the cycle of employee turnover is effectively broken.
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Boosted Productivity

The implementation of payroll advances has a profound impact on employee productivity, addressing the most coveted employee benefit.
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Increased Retention & Recruitment

Cultivating loyalty and retaining top talent becomes a breeze with Rain while simultaneously increasing job applications from eager individuals.
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Frequently Asked, Expertly Answered

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What industries are recommended to offer employees payroll advances?

While all industries can benefit from offering early access to earned wages, the healthcare, quick-service, hospitality, restaurant, retail, and manufacturing sectors have seen particular success with Rain in keeping their workers happy and motivated.
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Have studies been conducted on the benefits of payroll advances?

Rain’s on-demand pay solution is data-driven. Here are the cold-hard facts:

  • 21% of employees express a strong desire for on-demand pay. 7
  • 84% of employers believe financial wellness tools could improve employee retention. 8
  • 92% of HR professionals agree that stress, particularly financial stress, is hurting employee engagement and productivity. 9
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