Happy Employees Lead To Satisfied Guests

Empower your team with Rain and unlock the secret to greater guest satisfaction.
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Attract Top Hospitality Talent

Many hospitality companies are seeking innovative solutions, striving to maintain their teams as strong and vibrant.
Rain makes employees feel valued and engaged, lowering turnover and boosting recruitment
Rain users have reported 2x more job applications and 10x greater retention.
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Retain Employees and Boost Productivity

Rain offers employees the financial freedom to access their hard earned wages when they need them.
Rain’s Earned Wage Access can reduce stress and boost employee morale, leading to higher retention.
1M+ in turnover costs has already been saved by employers who have partnered with Rain. 
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Unlock Higher Retention

The turnover rate in hospitality fluctuates at an annual range of approximately 70–80%. Staff turnovers come with a hefty price tag.

With Rain, you can boost staff retention and save millions by providing employees with earned wage access. Rain’s fully compliant solution removes the financial stress that rigid pay cycles can cause, reducing staff turnovers.
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Unleash the Power of a Fulfilled Workforce

Job satisfaction is key in hospitality; recognizing their contributions and providing the support they deserve can go a long way.

Offering Rain to your employees demonstrates that you're invested in their financial well-being. Empowering your employees with financial agency enables them to take care of emergency expenses, promotes mental health, and encourages smarter financial decisions.
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Rain: A Hospitality Game-Changer

Earned Wage Access is a vital tool in the hospitality industry for boosting employee motivation and performance.

With Rain as your partner, you can boost employee morale and productivity with a safe and compliant solution. This innovative benefit is a proven strategy for cultivating a dedicated workforce that’s committed to providing exceptional service and driving success.
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Elevate Your Hospitality Team

Filling job vacancies quickly is a critical component of achieving success in hospitality. Offering earned wage access to your hospitality workers can help you attain greater retention rates and contribute to your hiring process. The statistics speak for themselves:
of full-timers assert that employers have a responsibility to support their financial well-being. 10
of US employees are financially stressed, negatively impacting their mental and physical health and workplace productivity. 11
of millennials prioritize job offers with earned wage access perks. 12

Easy Implementation And Integration

Rain is already integrated with most major payroll and timekeeping systems, making implementation seamless. The best part? There’s little to no lift for you as the employer. 
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Why Hospitality Workers Love Rain

We're eager to showcase the benefits of Rain's on-demand pay program, but don't take our word for it—hear it directly from our satisfied hospitality employees:
"My experience has been phenomenal. The customer service and system, in general, are literally lifesaving innovations."
Katrele B.,
Wholesale Employee
"This app is a huge help especially when you're in between paychecks and need like gas or maybe food or even just for a bill."
Kristopher A.,
Consumer Service Employee
"My experience has been amazing ... [Rain] is constantly financially educating me in regard to my finances."
Jacob R.,
Food and Beverage Employee

Frequently Asked, Expertly Answered

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How can Rain resolve workforce scheduling issues?

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How can on-demand pay address skills shortages?

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Can on-demand pay improve staff training and development?

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Is on-demand pay really a remedy for employee burnout in hospitality?