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It’s important to keep employees engaged and motivated from their first day to their last. Rain offers an innovative solution, providing employees with immediate access to their earned wages, promoting financial well-being, and driving long-term employee retention.
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Promoting Employee Financial Wellness

Employee financial wellness directly impacts productivity, job satisfaction, and overall morale, which are crucial factors for your company's success and growth.
Rain can enhance employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating the stress associated with financial uncertainty.
On-demand pay aids in employee retention and also positions you as a socially responsible employer, committed to the welfare of its workforce
80% of employees believe their employers play a role in supporting their financial wellness.
Why Financial Wellness Matters
 10x Higher Retention Rates

 10x Higher Retention Rates 1

Earned Wage Access is a groundbreaking innovation that improves employee retention by empowering employees with financial control and security.
Early Wage Access minimizes financial stress and uncertainty, encouraging employees to stay committed to their current roles.
The flexibility of Rain reduces the need for predatory lending services, leading to a healthier financial environment and promoting loyalty among employees.
10x higher retention rates1 have been reported by employers partnered with Rain. 
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Loyalty, Productivity, and Retention

Employee retention is more than just a buzzword, it’s a crucial component of your business's success. A strong employee retention rate is a reflection of a positive work environment, low turnover, and happy employees, all of which bring tangible benefits to your company.
Think about it: When your employees stick around for the long haul, they get to know your company inside and out. They understand your culture, your goals, and your processes, and this results in increased efficiency and productivity. Plus, your long-term employees have the time and opportunity needed to build relationships with customers and colleagues, leading to stronger partnerships and improved customer satisfaction.
But that's not all. When employees are content and fulfilled in their work, they bring a level of energy and motivation that drives innovation and creativity. This makes your company more competitive, enhances your brand image, and ultimately contributes to increased revenue and profits.
There's a lot more to employee retention than meets the eye. Prioritizing it with solutions like Earned Wage Access means you're making a smart investment in the success and growth of your company.
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Statistics in the Limelight

The benefits of employee retention for your company are more than just hollow words—their reality is backed by hard-hitting statistics. Consider the following:

  • Replacing an employee can cost roughly one-third of that employee's annual earned wages, including costs such as recruiter fees, temporary replacement workers, and lost productivity.
  • Companies with high employee engagement and retention rates achieve earnings-per-share growth that's over four times that of their competitors.

Rain’s Impact on Retention 

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Rain is a Financial Health Benefit

Rain’s Earned Wage Access goes beyond providing instant access to earned wages—the Rain app offers a suite of financial tools to help your employees make smarter money decisions.
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Rain Saves Employers Money

Employee turnover comes at a cost. Rain's added benefit of reduced turnover costs offers you savings to invest in employee initiatives or professional development opportunities. 
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Rain Leads To Happier Employees

Offering your employees on-demand pay through Rain to improve employee retention makes you their advocate for attaining financial autonomy. When workers are better equipped to manage finances, they'll no longer be forced to choose between work and personal commitments. 
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Rain Facilitates Workplace Diversity

Rain promotes workplace diversity by giving all employees the tools to financial wellness, reducing the likelihood of employee turnover.
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Rain is a multi-faceted strategic tool to retain top talent. Talk to someone today to walk through Rain’s simple sign-up process.

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With Rain, you gain an intuitive platform and a trusted partner dedicated to your success. Rain’s Earned Wage Access is here to enhance your operations, empower your employees, and drive your business forward while ensuring regulatory compliance every step of the way.
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